For teachers and educators

We want more geology in schools. We therefore provide exercises, tutorials and presentations that can be applied directly in the classroom. The material is free of charge and available to download. We also distribute a package of posters and brochures about geology that can be ordered for free. In addition, we invite teachers and their students to participate in our annual school competition with the chance to win up to 10 000 SEK and a lesson with a geologist.

For students contemplating a path in Earth sciences

A geologist can work in many fields, such as bedrock geology, palaeontology, marine geology and quaternary geology. Geology can also be included in interdisciplinary fields such as some engineering programs, environmental sciences and geography. A geologists workplace can be indoors or outdoors, in businesses, government agencies or research.

You might find a geologist:

  • Exploring valuable resources
  • Consulting in infrastructure and construction sector
  • Preserving geological heritage areas
  • Mapping environmental risk areas