2022 Saturday 10 September

We promote
earth sciences all year round!

Geology Day is a Swedish non-profit organization. Our aim is to spark curiosity among the public and to highlight the benefits of basic knowledge of geology and earth sciences to society. We work all year round to promote earth sciences, culminating in a national celebration of geology in September.

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Foto: Magdalena Thorsbrink.

School competition

We want more geology in schools! A collection of exercises can be found in our "school"-tab. We also invite schools to participate in our annual competition with the chance to win a lesson with a real life geologist and a 10 000 SEK cash prize.

Foto: Claes Mellqvist.


Our entire operating budget is based on grants from donors. Together with our contributors, we wish to create a platform for geology in society. With greater numbers, we can do more to promote earth sciences.

Foto: Lutz Kubler.

Sign up

Are you interested in geology? Then you are more than welcome to join over 1 000 people in the organisation of Geology Day. All you have to do is sign up for our free newsletter. Rock on!

Foto: Kent Christensson.


The day before Geology Day an inauguration ceremony is held in a geologically interesting location. The place changes from year to year and the event is of course open to the public.